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“Tapping Into Prosperous Energy and Wealth Through Numbers”


In 2017, the GG33 team is offering the following market services (note that the green highlighted numbers match with pay button for new subscribers.  If you are a return subscriber contact garythenumbersguy@gmail.com directly first & once approved you can paypal the discounted loyalty subscription price (on some services) directly instead of via the website.  The 2017 services include:


  1. Stock Market Numerology Classes & Advanced Market Trading Account (NDA Required):  For the past two years, Gary has offered very effective and highly accurate trading services based on highly advanced numerology and astrology.  Gary and his subscribers have profited handsomely and Gary plans to continue offering this service in 2017.  In his private trading twitter account, Gary also shares a good portion of his highly advanced and top-secret methodology.   Moreover, Gary has taught many of these methodologies directly through his stock market numerology classes, which he will continue to offer to new students. As a result, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required to subscribe or re-subscribe to this first rate trading service.  For time-stamped evidence from twitter of just how accurate Gary has been, please see @33marketnumbers on twitter as well as some of the screenshots provided below.  Gary has made big and accurate calls on a variety of markets since 2013 with the power of numerology and astrology.  


#1- The Price for both classes and access to Gary’s trading account: $980.


#2– Add 2017 Market Investment Account (see #5 below): $1268 (new subscribers), and $1089 (old subscribers).  


For more information, contact garythenumbersguy@gmail.com


  1. 2017 Market Investment Account (No NDA required): This private twitter account will combine the teaching of market numerology and astrology with medium and long-term investment picks that will be provided on a monthly basis.  At least a dozen investment plays will be provided on this account.  Most of the stock picks offered on this account in 2016 were highly accurate and profitable for subscribers.  Some evidence of success has been posted @33marketnumbers, and more will be shared in the future once investments have played out.  The top-secret trading methodologies employed by Gary will not be shared on this particular account, though subscribers will acquire a great deal of knowledge regarding longer-term market trends based on numerology and astrology all while making money from medium and long-term stock, currency, and commodity plays.  New subscribers will also receive the 2013, 2015, and 2016 market newsletters (for 2016 the newsletters are posted on a twitter account and you will receive access to that account as well).  Subscribers to the 2017 market account will also be given a FREE stock pick (you pick the stock you’re interested in, and we analyze it and provide you with our views of its potential for the year ahead based on advanced numerology and astrology).   


#4- New subscribers (Access to 2017 Market Account + 2013, 2015, and 2016 market letters +account): $593


#5– New Subscribers to 2017 Market Investment Account Alone: $395


#6– Return Subscribers to 2017 Market Investment Account: $280


#7-2013, 2015, 2016 Newsletters Alone: $280


#8– New Subscriber Full Access to all services under #1 and #2: $1430 (includes all subscription accounts, newsletters, & courses)


#9-Old Subscriber Full Access to services under #1 and #2: $1089


For more information, contact numbersmarkets28@gmail.com


  1. Investment Assessment Service:  This service will provide you with the ability to get an assessment of most stocks (as long as I can find enough numerological/astrological info to make a valid recommendation), bonds from most countries, and most commodities of your choice.  When you purchase any of the below services, we will ask you to provide us with the investments you would like analyzed on the basis of numerology and astrology.  We will then e-mail you a short-term assessment of the investment you’re interested in (2-3 months out) and a more medium-long term assessment (a year out).  On that longer-term basis, levels at which to buy, sell, or short will be provided.  We will not be offering services on options or advanced derivatives—we will stick to stocks, bonds, and commodities and you can make more advanced plays should you choose on that basis.  Only basic numerological or astrological information will be provided in these short assessments.  


#10– 1 stock or investment play assessment: $35 ($28 if you subscribe to any one of our other services).


#11– 2 stocks or investment plays: $62 ($44 if you subscribe to any one of our other services).  


#12– 5 stocks and investment plays: $153 ($116 for subscribers to other services).  


#13– 8 stocks and investment plays: $233 ($206 for subscribers to other services).  


For more information contact numbersmarkets28@gmail.com.


*Note that once you purchase this service, you have 3 months to ask for all the stocks or investments you’d like us to analyze.  



  • Active Numerological/Astrological Investment Portfolio Advisory (NDA required as advanced knowledge will be shared):  This is the most customized service we provide, where both Gary and his top numerological/astrological investment student will be available at all times to our client—on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis throughout the year.  We will offer numerological and astrological advice on the clients’ current investment or trading portfolio and make recommendations to substantially improve profitability using numerology and astrology.  This service will allow clients to constantly make changes to their portfolio.  It is recommended that clients who take advantage of this service have at least $28,000 to invest or trade, with $53,000 preferred.   This is an advanced numerological and astrological advisory service, not technical/official financial advice.  We will not be actively managing your portfolio, but providing active advice on trades and investments with at least one phone call per week and as many e-mails/messages as necessary to best ensure your success.  



#14– A 4-month trial period (with free access to market numerology and astrology classes +2013 & 2015 market letters): $3,950


#15– 1-year service (with free access to market numerology astrology classes, all 3 years of past newsletters, access to both the private investment and trading numerology/astrology accounts detailed above, and access to the private “Club GG33” where you will learn more about numerology and astrology beyond the markets and economy): $8,000


For more information contact garythenumbersguy@gmail.com & CC numbersmarkets28@gmail.com


Note again that the paypal options correspond to the #s highlighted in green above.  If you’re a return subscriber and the service you’re purchasing has a lower priced option for old subscribers, please contact garythenumbersguy@gmail.com first & then after confirming your return subscriber status, you will be able to paypal the discounted amount directly rather than via the website.  


Thank you and we wish you a prosperous 2017 as you discover wealth through numbers.

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